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Welcome to the new gracefullyNOTED

Meghan HarcarComment

Welcome to the new gracefullyNOTED! We are so happy to have moved to Square Space.  While our address remains the same, the site now has a lot of fun new features, improved functionality and, possibly the biggest change, our store is now available through the website! This means we can deliver our products directly to you. Hooray! We are so excited to be able to more effectively customize your order and buying experience. Many of our products are already available in our store, and it will be updated regularly - I am going to be adding some new designs later this week - so please check back soon!  We are also really excited to provide the ability to customize your order or create a card/piece specifically for you. Check out the "Custom" tab for more details.

The gracefullyNOTED blog will keep being updated regularly as well and I am really excited for a lot of our upcoming posts! I can't wait to share and hear what you think!

Please take some time, look around and let us know what you think! I'm excited to hear what you think of our new look!

Happy Monday

xx, Meghan