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green thumb

Meghan HarcarComment

While living in Austin, I used to love taking cuttings, placing them in various vases of water (or soil depending on the plant) around the apartment, nurturing them and then eventually, if all goes as planned, planting them. For awhile, it was so out of hand our apartment looked like a veritable plant store. For some reason, after I moved back to the East coast I lost some interest. Maybe it was because I had to leave a number of my plants behind or maybe because with wedding planning in full swing at that point, that they were simply too low on my priority list to give it much thought. Regardless, while I still dutifully took care of my beloved Jade plants, the others didn't make it.

Recently, and somewhat out of the blue, I have been really exciting about planting again! This is my first jug of cuttings that I acquired yesterday. If all goes as planned they will be sprouting roots in the coming weeks and I can plant them in some fun planters I have left over from my "green thumb" days. One of my favorite things abut our apartment is that an entire wall of our living room is made of windows and I this vision of lining lots of puts of fun plants and flowers on the ledge.  Hopefully it all turns out!  And if it does I will be sure to share a picture :) Now I just have to decide what other kind of plants I want to acquire or grow!  Sounds like a good Saturday project to me. xx