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Philadelphia, PA

Paper Landscapes by Amy Eisenfeld Genser

"Art", "Inspiration"Meghan Mary Keeley Harcar1 Comment
Mineral Lemon Lime
Mineral Turquoise

River Run

River Run, detail

Cove, detail

Mineral Lemon

Amaranthine Chartreuse

Amaranthine Chartreuse in situ

As someone who loves paper art and finding new creative uses for paper, I am really fascinated by the work of Connecticut based artist Amy Eisenfeld Genser. These beautiful dimensional collages, constructed using paper, paint and glue, depict both underwater reefs and aerial views of landscapes. Genser has hundreds of different types of paper in her studio (though she primarily works with mulberry paper) and she uses them as if they were pigments that she can layer and manipulate to produce different colors and effects. The pieces are built up by "layering, cutting, rolling and combining paper" and then placing and manipulating the pieces until she is pleased with the composition. When you look at her work, you can see that even within each paper roll, there are multiple colors and textures, and that the size of each roll of paper is highly variable. I am really inspired by the texture in these pieces, her use of bright & contrasting colors, and the asymmetry of her compositions. 

Check out more of her work here!


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