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Seeds and Sprigs

"Design", "Gardens", "Inspiration"Meghan Mary Keeley HarcarComment
With Spring making its debut at long last, my thoughts have now turned to starting up my own little garden - lots of flowers, house plants (my Jades are my favorite - they have travelled with me everywhere) and, last but not least, vegetables!  I love planting seeds and getting to watch them grow, and the same goes for growing cuttings/trimmings. I get obsessive about checking on their roots everyday to see how they are developing and then I get so excited when I get to put them in soil!
These are two of my favorite gardening ideas that mix great design with practicality.

I first saw Seed Money by Leafcutter Designs earlier this year on Design Crush, and I immediately bookmarked it for spring. I think it such a creative and fun way to plant your seeds. Seed Money is hand illustrated and letterpress printed on thick paper embedded with seeds for both flowers and vegetables. You simply bury your coin in the soil, give it some Tender Lovin' Care and watch your blooms & veggies grown! They would also make a great gift.

The Maria S.C. Lamp by Pani Jurek was inspired by Maria Sklodowska-Curie, the nobel prize winning Chemist,  and is made from chemistry test tubes. The test tubes are suspended from two plywood bands and are removable so you can change their contents whenever you are feeling inspired. I think it would be perfect for growing cuttings, not to mention showing off flowers or even adding colored water, sand or anything else you wanted as a centerpiece. The possibilities are endless and that is what is so fun about this idea.