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Must See: Rain Room

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Rain Room (2012) by Random International is an immersive installation where visitors are invited to move through a field of falling water trusting that the rain will pause wherever a human is detected. The work utilizes 3D motion sensors to create this effect as the water turns on and off in response to visitors' movements. This allows the visitor to engage with the falling water and create their own interactive experience by in essence controlling how and where the water pauses. MoMA notes that "Rain Room creates a carefully choreographed downpour, simultaneously encouraging people to become performers on an unexpected state and creating an intimate atmosphere of contemplation." 

To me, Rain Room feels very calming and meditative. It also kind of reminds me of when I was little, and tried to dance between the rain drops without much success. Thanks to Rain Room, now I can. That in itself also makes it seem a bit magical! I can't wait to get to MoMA to see it in person.

The exhibit first opened at the Barbican Centre in London in 2012 and opened yesterday at MoMA in a lot set up next to the main galleries on West 54th between 5th and 6th. As per the Random International's request, they are keeping the groups admitted into the exhibit small, so prepare yourself for a wait. I for one though, think it will be worth it!

Below is a video created for the London show where the artist's describe the experience:

Rain Room by Random International from Gramafilm on Vimeo.

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