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Meghan HarcarComment

As a Christmas light fanatic, this story made me very excited and also a little jealous of all those who get to see this amazing light show in person! This year the Richards family set the Guinness World Record for the most lights on a residential property at their home in Canberra, Australia. Their elaborate, over-the-top display includes 502, 165 LED lights, that would stretch over 31 miles if they were  laid end-to-end.  The show is part of an effort to raise money for charity and will be on view for the whole month of December.  From where I am sitting, there is pretty much nothing not to love about this; except for maybe the electric bill which clocks in at $2,291 a month. Luckily, a local power company is covering the tab.

I hope you love this light show as much as I did!  It definitely got me even more in the holiday spirit! 

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